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Work Days

In the summer a bunch of the teens from the homeschool group my family is a part of (and other teens too of course) work together picking pickles (cucumbers), corn detasseling, and many more things. I have a lot of fun (and weird) memories. Earlier this month some of the people started working and soContinue reading “Work Days”


On the last night of homeschool camping, those of us who were still there started a new tradition. We decided that everyone who is still there Friday night has to go and get Jones (it’s a kind of pop). The weird person I am, I just had to get pictures of all of us handsContinue reading “Cheers!”

Cheating? I Think Not!

I was taking sunset pictures but sadly the sunset was, well, rather lacking. From these pictures it doesn’t seem as lacking hehehe. But you know, I don’t call it cheating. I just call it “adjusting my settings so that they sky is prettier and not so dull.” AKA I had the shutter speed super fastContinue reading “Cheating? I Think Not!”


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